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    Doctor Laser: the history

    More than 30 years of research and experimentation took place, to arrive from the surgical laser to the FP3 system, but the evolution did not stop and in the following years new and more efficient machinery and methodologies were developed. Let's briefly review the history of these scientific innovations.

    Pier Francesco Parra is a doctor of International fame. Doctor Parra treats not only famous patients but also simple people and he also interested in scientific investigation. Doctor Parra cooperated himself to the planning of new laser equipment, all of them with international patents. For this reason he is called “Doctor Laser”.

    1988: Pier Francesco Parra began the experimentation of a particular laser, the “Neodimio-YAG defocalizzato”. This instrument was difficult to use because it needed of a complicated debug. Also the size and the weight (100 KG) did not permit an easy utilization.

    1997: Doctor Parra understands soon that is necessary to ameliorate this instrument with something of more flexible and easy to employ. Started working for "FP3".

    2002: Parra creates "FP3 System", a laser that agglomerate the high power with the multifrecuency. With “FP3 System”, the results on the patients are amazing.

    2008: Doctor Parra always had the desire to face new challenges and so he presents a new discovery of technology: “Parracelso”.

    Today: the evolution goes on with the new methodology "Doctor Laser".



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    The effectiveness of the therapies performed with the new methodology Doctor Laser depends on the inseparable pair between experienced operator and equipment. The best results obtained so depend on the

    The new methodology Doctor Laser

    The new Doctor Laser methodology is the latest innovation, in order of time, developed by Prof. Pier Francesco Parra and used absolutely exclusively by the Professor in his Medical Studio in Montecatini